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Bamboo-fusion® (on the table)  16 CE's 450427-07 

The Bamboo-fusion massage treatment is an innovative way to provide relaxation or deep tissue full body massage on the table while reducing stress on the therapists’ hands.  Students will learn a new way to effleurage and petrissage with “warmed” bamboo tools that are different shapes and sizes.  Each tool was designed with a specific muscle group in mind.

The course is 80% hands-on time and 20% lecture.  During lecture, the modality history will be discussed as well as a review on contraindications, marketing, and the proper care/cleaning of the bamboo tool sets.  Therapists will be taught proper body mechanics to help deliver a luxurious deep tissue massage.  When using the bamboo properly as taught in class, the client cannot detect that tools are being utilized.  Bamboo-fusion massage is easy on your hands  to perform so therapists will be able to increase the amount of clients you can apply deep tissue to, give longer sessions without fatigue, and also save their thumbs and wrists from repetitive use injuries.

Bamboo-fusion is a new exciting and fun way to deliver a unique luxury treatment your clients will love!



(on the face 4 CE's  )
NCBTMB 450427-07

"Facial Massage" Workshop
Half-day / 4  NCB CEU's

NCBTMB #450427-07

$  99 class only

$199 class & bamboo kit and DVD

Pre-requisite: None

Limited space! Sign up soon!

A wonderful treatment by itself or the perfect finishing touch to complete a full body massage. Ths theraputic "French facial massage" will increase the flow of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the facial area leaving the client's skin soft and supple.

The bamboo set is so lightweight and easy to carry, it will be the only way you will ever want to massage again. By introducing a new tool you will increase the amount of clients to which you can apply deep tissue, give longer full body massage, and save your hands from repetitive injuries and fatigue.


Bamboo-Fusion® - Nathalie Cecilia, LMT/Founder

Born in Nimes, roman city located in Provence (South France), Nathalie created Bamboo-fusion in 2004 and is the “original” source for bamboo massage in the United States.  She has a master’s degree in Philosophy and Languages from “Universitee Des Lettres De Montpellier”, and originally began her career as a teacher and translator.

Traveling since the age of 16 around Europe and later around the world, pursuing her passion for discovering new horizons, she decided to change her career and cross the Atlantic Ocean to explore and experience life in America.  Keeping her goal in mind, to help people, she attended Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. Three months after her graduation in 2004, she opened Two Touch Company a Thai Studio and Massage Therapy office in Sarasota, Florida. 

To alleviate the stress on her hands and wrists from traditional massage, she created a massage routine called Bamboo-fusion which utilizes bamboo tools of varying shapes and sizes.  She now teaches continuing education classes to other massage therapists across the United States.  Nathalie is the pioneer of bamboo massage and a leader in the massage and bodywork industry.  The Bamboo-fusion treatments are known for having a luxurious feel and for being an effective treatment for chronic pain conditions caused by stress and tension. 

Nathalie’s unique modality has been featured in numerous industry publications such as Massage Magazine, Massage & Bodywork, Spa Management Journal, American Spa, and DAYSPA.    

Seminar Information

 We like to keep our seminars casual and informal. Our goal as instructor/s is to provide a healthy, learning environment with the emphasis on safety while allowing you the opportunity to learn cupping massage. Our seminars cover a wide range of information to help you implement this new modality into your massage practice.  During the workshop you will receive plenty of individual instruction and will get plenty of “hands on” practice time.  It’s a fun class and you will learn a great deal!  We trust that you are coming to class healthy since you will be giving and receiving a great deal of work during the training session. 

 What to Wear: Comfortable clothing that you can easily move in is suggested.  If you have long hair, please bring something to tie it back with and keep it out of your face and off your neck.  If you tend to get cold easily, bring a long sleeve shirt or sweater just in case.

 Special Note: If you have any problems with sight, hearing, recent injuries, learning disabilities, language barriers or any other situation that may interfere with the learning process, please contact your instructor and discuss your situation.  We will be happy to discuss modifications necessary to make the workshop accessible for you. Our main focus is a quality workshop experience for all.  If you are pregnant or have any conditions that may be contraindicated for warm bamboo, please call your instructor before making a deposit.

CE’s:  Our classes are approved by the NCBTMB for CE’s. We pride ourselves in private, intimate seminars. This gives a small group of therapists the opportunity to experience the ultimate in one-on-one apprenticeship with the instructor/host, Loree Kennedy.

 Tuition and Refund Policy  If for some reason, we do not have enough interest to fill a particular class, the individual instructor reserves the right to cancel a class.  For those traveling from out of town, please confirm the class will be held prior to purchasing your airline tickets and making lodging plans. The instructor will refund all monies for any cancelled seminar due to our responsibility. If you need to cancel out of a class, a 30 day notice is appreciated for a refund or to transfer your deposit to another date with the same instructor. After we receive your deposit.

 Training Facility Location:

Sanative Tranquility / Institute of Sanative Arts

0-11279 Tallmadge Woods Drive

Grand Rapids, MI  49534

Phone:  616-791-0472

 Instructors:      Loree Kennedy, School Owner / CMT/ Educator – (616) 791-0472

 Acknowledgments and Things to Bring

  Bottled water, quick, clean snacks like protein bars, if desired.

 Check or cash to pay any remaining tuition.  Additional products will also be available.

 There are places nearby for lunch. Refrigerator is available if you want to bring lunch.

 Linen List:  sheet set, pillow case, and face cradle cover. 

 If you tend to get cold easily while receiving massage, please also bring a beach towel for additional draping.

 Instructor will provide classroom items:  cups, and oil.

Massage Tables, Bolsters, and Blankets

Nearby Lodging: 

Sleep Inn & Suites (5 miles from school)

4869 Becker Drive

Allendale, MI 49401

Phone:  (616) 892-8000

Baymont in and Suites (7 miles from school)

2151 Holton Ct NW,

Walker, MI 49544

616) 735-9595  

Also check out they have many nice places that are within 5-7 miles of the school as well. 

Registration Information

To reserve your spot in class, please print, or copy and paste into email (  and complete form below and return ASAP with your deposit or call to register over the phone or




Mail to:         

Sanative Tranquility / Institute of Sanative Arts

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