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Thermal Therapy Techniques  ConnectiveTissue Release

Pillossage™ method.

This service can be a totally cloth service or can be added to your regular massage.  It is the use of warm flax seed pillows using the researched Pillossage™ method of TCTR to release muscles at their attachments site and trigger points.  It combines massage and Thai type stretching while applying heat along the muscles to release the connective tissue to facilitate relaxation and release of tight muscles. It is great for all your clients, including those that need deep work but are very sensitive to pain like your fibromyalgia clients.  This takes little effort on the part of the therapist to encourage deep release and relaxation for your client. This is a must have technique for geriatric massage as well. Pillossage™ is an original modality developed by Karen Kowal, RN, LMT, NCBTMB. Karen has spent many years in the medical community first as a register nurse for 30 years then becoming a massage therapist in 1995 and began developing products for use in the therapy session as tools and to assist clients continued therapy at home as a vital part of their treatment plan. This grew to become Mother Earth Pillows® and a ‘Made in the USA’ company making products for Massage Therapists. These products are now used by Massage Clinics, Hospitals, Pain Clinics and Therapists throughout the country and beyond. Her Massage Clinic location in Arnold, MO now offers therapy & product. Since adding it into or practice we use a portion of it on every client, and the effects are amazing, if for nothing more than to get them relaxed and grounded for the massage, not even knowing the physical effect is having that makes are job so much easier.


More on Karen Kowal


 Level One

16 CE Hours 


Science & Theory of Thermal
Therapy Bodywork Techniques

Creating Standards - Perfect for chronic pain

Learning Objectives: 
1.  Science and Theory behind Thermal Therapy  for Connective Tissue
2.  Modules reviewing anatomy and Techniques for the following; 
                A)  Shoulders to Hips Module  
                B)  Glutes, Hips, Hamstrings & IT Band Module 
                C)  Cervical Module
                D) ‘The Forgotten Chest’
                E)  Shoulder Module
                F)  Sinus Therapy Module
                G) Adductors, Pectineus & Gracilis (if time permits)
3.  Protocol, Contraindications, safety issues

4.  Integrating Pillossage into your practice…as a modality AND/OR as a focused technique for use on specific problem client areas. 

Thermal Connective Tissue Release using the Pillossage™ method.



7 CE Hours  


This is a must have class for all therapist, you will be suprise how much you will use this additional information on yourself, before, during and after your shift and at home!!

Learn how to apply this pillows for use these pillows on yourself.

You will learn how to use them to relieve you shoulder pain,

Wrist pain


Neck and shoulder pain

and much more.

You can also use this to teach your clients self care or use it to hold events.