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* 2018 Blue Moon 90 min special, Now through March 31st, with Elisa, Grace, Dennielle, Paige or Stephanie ONLY you can enjoy one 90 min massage for the price 60 min (30min free) each month. Limit one per month per person ... Simply go on line and select the *2018 Blue Moon 90 min special to receive the deal when scheduling.  Secure your spot today and experience the magnificent skills or our new and returning therapist!  If you have not already, you will be amazed at the skills and talents of these wonderful therapist.  Book today on-line today. 



New purchases only, can not be used with package pricing

Limit two per person, one per month

Limit one special a month

Subject to availability

Not available, with Loree, Becca, Amy or Suzann, (sorry)  



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First time Client

$10 off a service of 1 hour or more!

Limit one of each offer above per person!  Thanks 



Per-Pay Package Deals

‎6/60 min massages or facials $350 ($58 each)  savings $70

6/90 min massages or facials $500 ($83 each)  savings $100

6/120 min massage or facials $690 ($115 each)  savings $90

3/90 min massages or facials $260 ($86.5 each) savings $40

3/60 min massages or facials $190 ($63 each) savings $20

3/120 min massage or facial $365 (121.5 each)  savings $25


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