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Sanative Tranquility
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Sanative Tranquility - Enhancements 

Enhancements that add time to any massage or facial!! 


 Add 10 additional minutes to any service


Luxurious Back Salt Polish -a wonderful way to exfoliate and refresh your back, a mini salt polish with warm luxurious hot towels!  Adds 10 minutes


Foot exfoliation and rejuvenating scrub  - a great way to revitalize tired feet! We use a wonderful scrub and finish with a foot balm and hot towel wrap. Adds 10 minutes


Forearm and Hand exfoliation and softening scrub  - a great way to revitalize tired overworked hands and arms! We use a wonderful scrub and finish with a wonderful heavy lotion and hot towel wrap for deep moisturizing. Adds 10 minutes


Mini Cupping, Bamboo or Hot Stone Facial - A great way to end a service 10 stress relieving minutes to do nothing but relax the tension out of your face and head! Adds 10 minutes


Enhancements you can add to any massage or facial!!

Aromatherapy – a lovely array of oils added during your treatment


Luxurious Nourishing Hot Facial Wrap added to any service – nourishing vitamin oils massaged on the face and enhanced with hot towels wrapped around the face.


Mini Raindrop- using only 4 of the oils used in raindrop therapy with no added heat.


Castor Oil Pack  using heat and oil it is applied to the tight muscle to turn it to  butterand allow painless work on a very tight spot